Как настроить air video server

Как настроить air video server

Следующее руководство объясняет, как настроить точку доступа, которая НЕ требует dhcp сервера. Он будет работать как soho роутер, выдающий ip адреса. zaazich.оценкасар.рф VPN offers privacy protection, wi-fi security, and encryption for a truly private web browser experience, regardless of your location. Try for free! Configure HTTP Dynamic Streaming and HTTP Live Streaming using AMS. Search. Media Server User Guide Select an article: On this page Flash/AIR media players that support set-level files. Use time-based configuration for media that contains audio or data but not video. The server’s fragment duration must be a multiple of the encoder’s. Домашний медиа-сервер (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) - программа, предоставляющая медиа-ресурсы (фотографии, аудио и видео файлы) Вашего компьютера другим UPnP (DLNA) устройствам в домашней сети, например, телевизорам Philips, Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba. Особенности подключения VPN на Windows 10 mobile Cisco AnyConnect для Windows 10 mobile Настройка VPN-подключения через Cisco AnyConnect на Windows 10 mobile Переходим в стандартное приложение Магазин Майкрософт для операционной системы .

The content must transfer from the server to the client in a progression from the beginning to the end of a file. A client cannot seek to a forward location until that location and all the data before it has downloaded. The client creates a socket connection to the server such as Adobe Media Server over which the content is sent in a continuous stream.

The client can seek to any point in the content instantly, regardless of how much data has been transferred. HTTP Dynamic Streaming packages media files into fragments that Flash Player clients can access instantly without downloading the entire file.

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It also serves on-demand content that was packaged offline with the File Packager tool. The module is also available from adobe. It is not available as a stand-alone Apache module. A command-line, offline tool that translates on-demand media into F4F fragments. See Pre-built media players.

The F4F file format describes how to divide media content into segments and fragments. Each fragment has its own bootstrap information that provides cache management and fast seeking.

Manifest information includes codecs, resolutions, and the availability of files encoded at multiple bit rates. Manifest information also includes DRM data.

The media player uses the F4M file to play a piece of media. Adobe Access delivers protected media to Flash Player. For more information, see Protecting content with Adobe Access. The best way to experience the workflow for live HTTP streaming is to complete a tutorial.

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Each live event contains configuration settings for one set of content. For more information, see Create a live event. The set-level manifest file contains information about each stream.

Как настроить air video server

See Publish and play live multi-bitrate streams. To encrypt content for use with Adobe Access, edit the Event. See Encrypt content for Adobe Access. A crossdomain. For more information, see Website controls policy files in the ActionScript 3. The best way to experience the workflow for on-demand HTTP streaming is to complete a tutorial. To encrypt content for use with Adobe Access, edit the jit. Use a jit. Copy the jit. The set-level files describe the bitrates of the media.

The live and just-in-time packagers generate stream-level F4M and M3U8 files to describe the individual pieces of media. The set-level files can live on any webserver. You can use the livepkgr application to serve an unlimited number of live streaming events over HTTP for example, a debate, a sporting event, and a town hall meeting.

Each live streaming event requires its own configuration settings for multi-bitrate streaming, DVR, and content protection. A live event is a configuration level within the livepkgr application.

Like a Adobe Media Server application, a live event is a folder on the server. The folder contains two configuration files: Manifest.

Use these configuration files to configure a set of streams. Also like a Adobe Media Server application, the name of the live event folder is the name of the live event.

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Streams in a live event are packaged as fragments and written to disk. A live event the stream content and the metadata exists until you delete it. A media player can access the content after the source stream has stopped publishing. You can also create a live event for a different instance of the livepkgr application, as in the following:.

For information about the features you can configure in the Event. The livepkgr application has a Server-Side ActionScript file that assigns streams to a live event.

Как настроить air video server

Read this section to understand the code. The Live Packager processes streams that are prefixed with f4f:. An application can contain more than one live event. For that reason, a stream published to an application is not associated with a live event by default.

Use a server-side script or the Adobe Media Server Authorization Plug-in not both to associate a live stream with a live event.

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You can associate a live stream with only one live event. Associate a stream during the publish event. When the stream is published and associated, the server creates a stream record file.

Differences in HTTP Dynamic Streaming between Flash Media Server 4.0 and 4.5

The stream record file contains information about the location of the packaged stream files. For more information, see Understanding the application flow. In the Server-Side ActionScript code, use the application.

Use the Stream. Add the f4f: prefix to the stream name. This tells the server to package the stream. When a media player requests content from the server, it passes the server a request URL. The section of the request URL following the server name and optional port number is defined in the Location directive path in the Apache httpd.

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For example, the following is the Location directive for HDS on-demand streaming:. To configure HTTP streaming for multiple tenants, or for multiple applications, add Location directives with different paths.

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The following table lists the syntax for request URLs, the Location directive paths are in bold:. Location the Location directive for the streaming type you want to edit, copy it, and paste it.

You can also edit the HttpStreamingContentPath directive to change the location of the on-demand media on disk. To configure the location of on-demand content on disk, edit the Apache httpd. Use the following directives:. The root location of the streams. This value can be absolute or relative to the Apache root folder.

To change the location on the server where media is stored for on-demand streaming, edit the HttpStreamingContentPath directive.

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The request URL is the same as it was before the Apache configuration change, but the content is in a different location on the disk. We apologize for the inconvenience. By default, the location is ".. This location must be a subfolder of the livepkgr application. The default value is ".. Possible values are "App" , "Inst" , and "Server".

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  • The default value is "Server". In this case, the client request URL can omit the application name, as in the following:.

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    In this case, the client request URL can omit the application name and the application instance, as in the following:.

    Note: To play content in Safari 4. Enter the following for Stream URL and click play:. Configuration information about multi-bitrate streams has been divided into multiple levels: set-level F4M and M3U8 files and stream-level F4M and M3U8 files. Contain the URL to the stream-level manifest file and the bit rate information for each stream in a multi-bitrate set.

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    Use the tool to generate set-level files. Copy the set-level files to a web server. The media player requests set-level files to play multi-bitrate content. Stream-level F4M and M3U8 files. For bundled players, see Pre-built media players. Strobe Media Playback supports set-level F4M files. Apple media players that support set-level files. Tutorials that use set-level files.

    Publish and play live multi-bitrate streams over HTTP. Play on-demand multi-bitrate media files over HTTP. Publish an audio-only stream HLS. Note: The livepkgr application is configured by default to use absolute time. Use this section to understand HTTP streaming and to duplicate the livepkgr application.

    Как настроить air video server

    The livepkgr ingest application is configured by default to use absolute time.